aka  HOOK'D UP

Written & Directed by Mike Sargent

Writer/Director Mike Sargent made his feature debut with this witty romantic comedy about looking for a love online & in the newspaper pages. New York reporter Keith Parker (Malik Yoba) neglects his day job to tend to his two girlfriends. His carefully balanced world comes crashing down when he gets canned from work and dumped by both of his honeys. Keith resolves to get his life back in order by placing some personal ads both under his real name and under his cheesy pen name. Much of the rest of the film details Keith's adventures on the town with a diverse array of women including an angry black militant (Angela Bullock) who denounces Whoopi Goldberg, a depressive poet (Joie Susannah Lee), and a forthright businesswoman (Sheryl Lee Ralph) who seeks the right man to impregnate her. The ensemble cast includes Stacey Dash, Jim Gaffigan, Drena DeNiro and a cameo by Dr. Dre.
"Personals is both entertaining and provocative."



A Documentary

BAD BOYS: A Documentary is an in-depth, investigative film that examines why women, and society in general, are in love with "bad boys" throughout history
 a documentary film that has been a 4 & 1/2 year journey and investigation of an essential Gender politic.
Bad Boys: A Documentary is a film that looks deeply at why the iconic image of the male who is a Player, or a Playboy, or very wealthy and has no commitments to women is such a desired goal for men and the desired catch for women. It will attempt to establish the connection it has with who we are as human beings, as women, as men, and as products of the culture from which we come from.
By tracing the historical origins of what is today commonly for referred to as the "bad boy." And in examining the role the 'bad boy' dynamic plays in past, current and recent culture, we will establish once and for all a complete understanding of why we are so fascinated with them.
‘Bad Boys’ are not just a dating or a lifestyle choice, it is something that is embedded in our thinking and how we think of the opposite sex. From the perspective of the nice guy who feels he has no choice but to be a ‘Bad Boy’ to get women, and that of the woman who only finds the ‘Bad Boys’ attractive (or only does the first 10 to 15 years of dating).
BBAD wil be the ultimate last word and look at the subject. Intended to be both entertaining and educational from a social, spiritual and historical perspective.
From Louis the XIV to Casanova, from James Dean to Charlie Sheen & from James Bond to Danny Zuko, Bad Boys dominate the cultural landscape and continue to make the pulses of women race. Bad Boys: A Documentary explores why.